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By Zephaniah Samuels                              20/05/10

Despelling the myths that there is a dearth of eligible, well educated brothers looking for the perfect sister to settle down with, an exclusive  new matchmaking service has opened an office in London to meet the needs of what is a burgeoning market.

Matchmaking service now available for professional Africans in the UK


The matchmaking service DivineRoots.com currently operates in America and Africa and has opened up offices in London  targeted at professional black Africans living in the UK. Thier aim to to help people looking to find meaningful relationships with people from a similar cultural backgrounds.

‘We offer Africans absolute privacy in an exclusive matching making service to weed out unsuitable individuals with background checks and stringent criteria to take part in our program. Our results have been outstanding,' Lahan, executive consultant for DivineRoots.com said.

This dating  site is an online resource aimed to meet this need, and is reserved for professional Africans seeking meaningful, faith-based relationships that can be challenging to make on more mainstreamed dating sites.

Character and faith are key factors 

With church attendance highest among Britons black community the Christian principles which underpin the philosophy of DivineRoots is something that will resonate strongly within this community.

This new service promises to help successful christian singles search out and meet their potential life partners based upon what DivineRoots says matters most ‘character and faith'.

Commenting on this new service journalist and producer Amma Aning  said: ‘this is a really positive development as it is moving with the times.  For many people their cultural and Christian values are very important to them and are not areas that they can compromise on so it is good to know that there is an agency that works from this premise.'

 The agency notes how other casual dating services often excluded  successful people from African backgrounds due to stereotypes. They also point to the deceptions published in profiles listed on public dating sites, which has made it a difficult challenge for African professionals to find friends and relationships with those with similar backgrounds through this resource.   

This family owned operation uses old-fashioned introduction techniques with their roots in the age-old traditions of the village matriarch. Her intimate knowledge of the cultural norms and values of this client group has allowed her to introduce people with a view to them falling in love with an encouraging success rate.  DivineRoots have applied this model to the ‘global village', allowing them to introduce clients to their potential spouse where ever in the world that they may be.

 Matchmaking service for Africans Worldwide

The first of it's kind in the UK this service creates relationships within cultural groups who are scattered all over the world. 

Those who sign up to this service are assured of privacy as public profiles are not available for viewing nor is enrolment open to all applicants. Rather this service is preserve of professionals from this community who are seeking meaningful, faith based relationships that cannot easily be made on mainstream dating sites.

‘Any avenue that allows people to interact with the possibility of meeting their future partner beyond their immediate church circles is definitely a good thing. There is clearly a market for this as people have tried to meet people in other ways but have not been successful.  This option increases the chances of meeting a life partner and the demand if definitely there,' Akin Ladapo director of the internet marketing and web design company Emaginative Concepts told Black Mental Health UK. 

'Our clients have found terrific success in business and life, but are lacking a romantic or even friendly connection with other professionals from their culture. We offer Africans absolute privacy in an exclusive matching making service to weed out unsuitable individuals with background checks and stringent criteria to take part in our program,' Lahan said. 


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