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Wednesday, 02 February 2011 16:36



Certain things apply to some, but not to all, someone who has been married for

instance, will look at things differently compared to someone who has never

been there...we have to be careful how we process information thinking that

what is said applies to all. The unfortunate thing is that the church has taught

against one thing (sex before marriage) for so long that we've missed out on

discernment, preparation, consideration, selflessness, appreciation- to mention a

few, so the average person thinks that once they have dealt with the sex issue,

all else is good...we have now woken up to the harsh reality of a high rate of

divorce amongst Christians...honestly, because a man wants to sleep with you

before he marries you does not make the man the devil, you the woman should

be able to tell if he genuinely loves you enough for you to teach him how to

wait, rather than totally drop him and hook up with someone who is easily

willing to wait but will beat you silly...we frown on issues that we could be

softer on and then other issues that were lurking show up down the line...we

need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better strategy on

how we give advice per relationships. The truth is marriage is not based on a

piece of paper ( a certificate) but on a commitment between 2 people...i say a

commitment loud, because the staged wedding and the certificate issued can be

gotten without the commitment since we've focussed more on the former than

the latter. I have met many couples who are not married by legalities, but are

more married spiritually, without the paper...just my take, GOD Bless you all


By Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence, One of Paulina’s twin boys
A student of life, for life...

Thoughts off My Wall With Kehinde Dacosta - Lawrence
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